Functional and Stylish Double Bathroom Vanities

Home design is all about elegance and comfort. For many, the sirens of remodeling are calling on a rather frequent basis, yet at the same time, budget concerns hold them back. There are ways to evade the unnecessary anxieties about having to negotiate between high quality and low price; however it does not have to be one or the other. Simply look at the vast availability of resources that carry the very examples of style for less. We are talking about investing in home furniture that will last for years on end, while continuing to elicit satisfaction with its aesthetic attributes. One of the most crucial areas in your home that reflect your character as a homeowner is the bathroom.  The vanity is what makes the bathroom, and if you are looking to capitalize upon a fixture that combines both function and flare, then choosing a double-sink vanity is the way to go.

Xylem Capri 84" Dark Espresso Bathroom Vanity

Xylem Capri 84″ Dark Espresso Bathroom Vanity

A double sink bath vanity makes an excellent feature in any home, regardless of how classic or modern the décor is.  IT is the ideal furniture item for modern homeowners, who pride themselves on having the means to make their everyday routine as effortless a possible; the same goes for maintaining the furniture.

Double sink bath vanities are perfect, in the sense that they provide ample storage space, which coexists with a beautiful façade that is sure to attract every visitor. Thus, installing a double sink vanity instantly will hike up the value of your home, as a whole.

Xylem Glenayre 60'' Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Xylem Glenayre 60” Traditional Bathroom Vanity

Although they are mostly associated with modern and contemporary styles, you can find a chic double bathroom vanity that has been made to reflect the look and feel of a traditional or even vintage motif. Best of all, these items are within easy reach, especially given the preponderance of online stores, which are replete with top-shelf merchandise. A beautiful double sink bath vanity is available in classic variations, as well as in those that are more cutting-edge. Whether you prefer the classic ebony and Arctic white finishes or something along the lines of brighter hues, double bathroom vanities certainly leaves plenty of room for creative interpretation.

You can purchase chic double sink bath vanities practically with no effort. The only prerequisites are those of having the precise measurements of the area, where the vanity is to be installed. An easy solution to freeing up more room is selecting a double bathroom vanity that is wall mounted. Not only does it look elegant, but also a wall mounted double  vanity is more lightweight than its floor-standing counterpart. One of the popular reasons for its being lightweight and easy to maintain is that the double sink vanities often consists of the sturdy, environmentally-safe medium density fiberboard and high quality natural wood. As an alternative to wood, MDF continues to gain favor with economically savvy homeowners.