Affordable and Chic Antique Bathroom Vanities

The Affordable and Not-So-Shabby Chic of Antique Bathroom Vanities.  What comes to mind, when you hear of Lao-Tzu or Lonesome George? Perhaps these iconic characters are the paragons of longevity; perhaps they also exemplify wisdom. These figures of antiquity came to symbolize uniqueness and popular appeal that drew the masses, whether to see or to hear… Antique furniture is not that different, for it is history, which you can touch. Antique bathroom vanities hold a particular allure and intrinsic significance for homeowners, especially in the recent decades.

Arlington 24 inch Square Antique Bathroom Vanity Set

Arlington 24 inch Square Antique Bathroom Vanity Set

Sometimes, it is inevitable to retreat into a time of classic elegance and brings a part of it into your own décor. An antique bathroom vanity provides an excellent opportunity for combining the efficiency of modern living with the extravagance of a fixture that was once a centerpiece of a Victorian bath chamber.

Recreating the elegance of Victorian parlors, today’s manufacturers are conscious to select materials that are adaptable to the hectic and technologically rich environment. In order to help it withstand pollutants and erosion, the cabinetry is fashioned from a myriad of woods, ranging from light mahogany to dark pine.  The vanity bases are reinforced with an array of finishes. Notably, antique discount vanities were designed with elaborate details and had a somewhat dark finish.
Likewise impenetrable are the antique vanity tops. They are crafted from a series of highly durable materials, including hardwood, stone, travertine, and granite. Marble is among the most widely implemented counter top options, given that it is tremendously impervious to breakage, cracking, and etching.

The twenty-first century homeowner is found to have more proclivities for lighter and more vibrant tones that help ease into the cozy surroundings of one’s abode; that is especially valued in the bathroom, as it is the key element of truly personal space. Made to accommodate all scopes of living space, antique discount bathroom vanities can be found ranging from petite to large. The sinks, made from the finest ceramics and porcelain, are vessel and drop-in.
These distressed furniture centerpieces are constructed with innovation that enables easy installation and plumbing. You can create the desired look for your new bathroom with an antique vanity unlike any other.
What used to be a rare find by virtue of relentless hunting and digging through furniture warehouses is now a beautiful centerpiece that you can purchase straight from your computer. New perspective son the old favorite helped make the antique bathroom vanities more accessible to the resourceful, bargain-seeking crowd.