Décor for Less with Wall Mounted Vanities

Big cities are teeming activity and excitement, thus prompting people from all walks of life to flock there towards new prospects. Naturally, the larger the occupancy, the smaller the square footage. The situation is not as dire as it seems, especially if you have concerns about finding appropriately-sized furniture for your home or apartment that is a bit short on space. Let us focus on the bathroom, because it is the first room to catch people’s attention, aside from being the room for personal relaxation. The modern-day washroom is also a haven for decompression after a long day at the office, so feel free to get as creative with the design as you like. A wall mounted bathroom vanity will help kick-start the process of transforming an ordinary bathroom into a relaxing retreat.

Acoret 78" Wall Mount Double Bathroom Vanity
Wall mounted bathroom vanities are excellent fixtures for any occasion and at any size. What used to be a concept restricted to modern and contemporary furniture has conquered the scope of antique and transitional décor? A wall mounted bathroom vanity will allow you to manipulate the surroundings and make every square inch work for you. Some of the most prominent advantages of installing a wall mounted bathroom vanity are practicality, sophistication, and an ingenious way of maximizing smaller layouts. No matter which motif you are aiming to cultivate, a floating bathroom vanity will mesh quite effortlessly with the rest of the interior décor in your home or office.
Lightweight materials are the key components to wall mounted bathroom vanities. Light oak, walnut, and MDF are the most widely-utilized by decorating experts and thus recommended by real-estate agents. Another bonus, which you shall encounter at our online store, is the abundance of countertops and sinks to complement the pizzazz of the cabinetry. We carry an extensive gamut of materials, including granite, marble, quartz, acrylic, porcelain, and tempered glass. Our stellar collection of sinks for your wall mounted bath vanity include porcelain, acrylic, marble, quartz, tempered glass, and more; some of our most in-demand configurations are under-mounted, integrated, and top-mounted vessel. Whichever design you have in mind, take as creative a license as you like; doing so is especially easy by choosing custom tops and sinks to join with the cabinet. If you prefer the traditional approach, our store has a multitude of preassembled wall mounted bathroom vanities, as well.
Your home and/or office serve as a wonderful reason to let your propensity for style and practicality come into full view. A wall mounted vanity not only will make a lasting statement but also will serve as a movable, tangible work of art. You really can have a fixture of any size, either with one sink or two, that will provide ample storage space and still leave quite a bit of room to maneuver. Cost should not be the one thing that deters you from taking advantage of creating the space you have always envisioned. We take tremendous pride in our stock of top-name brands at high discounts. Neither waiting in line nor having to endure long waits for shipping. We shall deliver your new wall mounted vanities intact and in no time. Enjoy making your bathroom stand out with a chic wall mounted vanity.