Vintage Bathroom Vanities Hall of Fame

A classically designed house calls for a classic touch with unique furniture that harkens back to a time in history that you hold special. The easiest way to convey that sense of nostalgia and bring a hint of history into your home is by outfitting the bathroom with a beautiful antique vanity. The envy of British royalty, bathroom vanities became popular, courtesy of Queen Victoria in the mid-nineteenth century. Antique vanities reflect the regal aesthetic not only in the type of materials utilized but also in the detail.

You will be pleasantly surprised to discover that vintage bathroom vanity cabinets are easily attainable. You do not need to seek out ancient relics to find a beautiful and affordable antique bathroom vanity. Using modern-day technology, manufacturers diligently recreate the look and texture of antique bath vanity cabinets. Consisting of natural wood, antique bathroom vanity cabinets will satisfy the taste and budget preferences off any homeowner.

Lanza WF6745 Half Moon Antique Bathroom Vanity

Lanza WF6745 Half Moon Antique Bathroom Vanity

Antique vanities are beloved by many a homeowner for their exquisite form and remarkable finish. Hand-crafted patterns and intricate carvings are just part of the appeal that helps vintage bathroom vanities extend beyond the ages and the trends that come and go throughout the continuous evolution of home design. Vintage single sink vanities will keep on providing your bathroom with class and reliability, since they are made to last through extensive use, which undoubtedly is the catalyst for excessive moisture buildup; in order to evade the wear-and-tear on antique bath vanities from corrosion, manufacturers apply solid finishes that fortify the cabinetry, as well as enhance the appearance.

Without having to step out the door and set foot in a typical furniture store, you have a myriad stores devoted to upscale antique bathroom vanities, albeit without the upscale prices. In fact, antique vanities are made of organic materials that are especially valued in the eco-conscious market of today; for his reason, antique bathroom vanities have always been among the most cost-effective fixtures to install in your bathroom. Keep in mind that although traditional bath vanities include single sink vanities, antique vanities on the market today can easily be equipped with double sinks. Make sure to take proper measurements of the dimensions in your bathroom, as well as check the location for plumbing.

The beauty of an vintage bathroom vanity (apart from its physical beauty, itself) is the sheer intrinsic value conveyed by the piece. Whether you are nostalgic for a significant event or an entire era associated with that product, purchasing a one-of-a-kind vintage bathroom vanity will enable you to relive the glory of the days with pizzazz.