Classic Flourish with Antique Bathroom Vanities

Giving your bathroom a new look goes beyond the new and the ultra-modern. You can just as easily transform the most personalized and most eye-catching room in the house with an exquisitely crafted antique vanity. The beauty of antique vanity cabinets, apart from their aesthetic beauty, is that they can be not only salvaged and restored but also re-imagined and recreated.

Avola AV-6148 Bathroom Vanity

Avola AV-6148 Bathroom Vanity

Craftsmen nowadays pride themselves on being privy to the techniques and technology, which can refurbish furniture from eras of the past in ways that enables antique vanities to retain their original glory and simultaneously marry into your modern home décor. Alternatively, a multitude of antique bath vanities are fashioned by having antique shapes, shades, and textures faithfully reproduced upon cabinetry that is constructed using sturdier, more reliable and moisture-resistant natural wood or veneer. Popular antique vanity designs prominently feature free standing cabinetry of oak, cherry, maple, birch, and others. These gorgeous specimens come in a wide variety of finishes that impeccably help convey the splendor of antique styles with such finishes as antique cherry, espresso, mahogany, oak, antique white, rich walnut, and more.

Among the most outstanding features of traditional bathroom vanities is the lovely hand-made detail that you frequently find on the cabinetry. Modern concepts have allowed designers to get more creative with the styles and sizes of antique vanities; no longer are they exclusively large and bulky, but rather, they are found in small and petite models that are intended to accommodate any amount of floor-space your bathroom has. The key to finding and purchasing the perfect vanity knows the exact measurements for the dimensions of the fixture you intend on installing.

Once you are set on having a piece of Victorian glam is part of your bathroom decor, the selection process ought to be an enjoyable quest that can be competed without your having to leave the house. The wonderful world of the web puts the wow factor of any antique furniture on the map; the vast amount of chic antique bathroom vanities are carefully cataloged, dutifully described for consumers, and perfectly priced at high discounts for shoppers like you, who put tremendous value into time and money alike.

Antique bathroom vanities are typically equipped with a single sink. Bear in mind, however, that apart from the option of having larger or smaller cabinets, your vanity can have spacious countertops (granite, marble, or stone) that will provide adequate room for all your necessities. The antique bathroom vanity can certainly carry your design into a new territory.